Systems Software

Systems software includes the operating systems kernel, service daemons, configuration, protocol stacks, firmware upgrade, watchdog, bootloader.

We help industrial customers with establishing a fast-booting, small footprint, field upgradable system in which they can easily deploy their application-specific software.

Of course we can help implement the application software also.

A small number of projects we realized:

  • Robust system software for television broadcast equipment.
  • Fail-safe field update system for processor software and FPGA logic over serial links and TCP/IP for Linux systems.
  • Open-source project management of the lwIP TCP/IP stack, steering design choices, bug fix and releases. Implemented Ethernet ARP layer and DHCP client for lwIP.
  • Field upgradable encrypted pay-per-feature software licenses for printed press plug-in for Adobe InDesign.
  • Linux USB device driver for an eight-channel car radio used in Jaguar cars. The FPGA module which implemented USB Audio 2.0 was co-developed in-house.
  • Implemented SGDMA IP Core Linux driver for a co-developed FPGA SGDMA based closed control loop for EUV wafer stepper light source.
  • Qt 4.9 Linux software stack including application demo for a handheld device uploading flight plan data into commercial aircraft.
  • Multi-camera image processing framework for mobile street view acquisition application. Implemented JPEG-LS lossless encoder in FPGA, plus device driver and multi-core multi-threaded application software for Linux.

Besides field upgrades, we help you get the latest features and fixes from the open-source community to your device. We help you make sure your device is not obsolete in one year.