SquashFS LZMA is back in town

This time, it's planning to stay.

SquashFS is a read-only compressed filesystem for Linux. It is developed by Philip Lougher who devotedly maintained and improved it, bringing release 4.0 upstream in the Linux kernel 2.6.29. But Philip's quest didn't end there.

Although SquashFS probably features the highest compression ratio in its class, patches for even higher compression ratio using LZMA compression were developed to squeeze more software in the popular Linux routers.

LZMA compression gives an additional 20-30% reduction of the filesystem size and is thus very interesting for read-only data on embedded systems, which can include a read-only root filesystem.

After upstreaming SquashFS 4.0, Philip Lougher has acted on the popular demand for LZMA. Now that LZMA compression has entered the Linux kernel sources this kid might be staying in town.