Sidebranch offers consultancy and development services for embedded systems.

We are fluent with technologies such as Linux, Yocto, RTOS, FPGA and PCI Express, Internet Protocols and Bluetooth Smart (BLE).

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  • Develop software for embedded Linux and real-time systems.
  • Select and integrate high-quality open-source software into your product.
  • Design high-performance FPGA processing algorithms.
  • Advice about hardware components such as system-on-chips.
  • Help in custom hardware design and device drivers.
  • Definition of the systems architecture for hardware/software.
  • Technology evaluations for your application domain.
  • Deploy and adapt embedded Linux build systems such as OpenEmbedded.
  • Provide the systems software and integration with your application.
  • Algorithms and digital signal processing, specialized in video processing.
  • Multi-core programming, CUDA and OpenCL computing languages.
  • Train your people to develop using Embedded Linux.
  • Microcontroller design where low cost and low latency real-time are important.
  • On-the-job assistance so that you do not get stuck.
  • Set up source code version control systems.

We take on small and big projects and we like to be challenged. So challenge us.